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MP4 standard expected by the end of line introduced to avoid repeating the mistakes MP3

Due to lack of industry-standard, MP3 is experiencing cold

Yesterday, the French Archos ZHANG Ya-ling, director of Asia accept the "Daily Economic News" interview, said, "is currently being discussed with the Ministry of Information Industry and other departments to formulate an industry standard MP4, MP3 to avoid repeating the disastrous domestic MP4. MP4 industry standard is expected to introduce before the end. "MP4 French Archos is the founder of the industry, only three years to hit Europe and the United States market, and two years ago to enter the domestic market.

ZHANG Ya-ling said the MP3 reason why the domestic industry as a whole experience "cold" because MP3 does not have a unified industry standard, plus access to MP3's technology low, causing many unlicensed vendors with some cheap, low quality products confuse the market.

The investigation agency show that China MP4 industry has been getting better, into the development of the fast lane, this MP4 to reach 300% market growth, industrial cake approaching 10 million. MP4 of the market the next few years is expected to reach 10 billion yuan, This is the MP3, digital camera, digital camera consumer digital products after the 4th largest consumer hot spot.

This cake has attracted huge industry Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp and Samsung, some domestic manufacturers such as Tsinghua Unisplendour Strength, Little Swan, Changhong and other actions have been made. The face of the raging market entrants, ZHANG Ya-ling said, "We welcome competition, a manufacturer can not monopolize an industry, but in the current MP4 market, more powerful brands to join, would better promote a mature industry . "

ZHANG Ya-ling that, MP4 is not a lucrative industry, in its course of development, manufacturers and channels need to ensure a reasonable profit, I hope there are some good standard to ensure that competition is healthy.

MP4 is able to replace a major crisis facing the MP3 into the mainstream of consumer electronics products? ZHANG Ya-ling said that as the technology lead to expensive high threshold, MP4 in the country not as popular as the MP3 now.

But with the iPod video player as well as over 2000 songs, Pixar films and Disney TV series and the introduction of the Apple online store, Apple has begun to enter the field of free video. Archos how to face competition from iPod? ZHANG Ya-ling said, Archos will integrate TV resources, prepared to launch free to download TV shows to MP4 Pocket cinema services, these services are mainly concentrated in the channel can interact with inside.

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New Year's gift wish Beijing won three business awards to

China Management Software Industry in 2006 AMT Academy Award is named Organization. AMT is the first neutral field of information technology management authority. Selection for companies doing business in China, including mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, a total of ten selected areas of management software, Top 5, Top 10; China Business management software implementation of the Top 10; China's Management Software Top 100. Covers the areas covered all aspects of business management software.


Awards are as follows:

2006 customer relationship management software vendor TOP 10

Customer relationship management, from the English translation from Customer Relationship Management, abbreviated as CRM. It Package

With management thinking, software products, management systems at three levels of meaning.浣滀负澶у瀷鐨勭鐞嗙郴缁燂紝瀹冨浼佷笟瀹㈡埛銆侀攢鍞槦浼嶃?甯傚満娲诲姩銆侀攢鍞嚎绱?閿?敭鏈轰細銆佹湇鍔¤姹傘?鏈嶅姟鍝嶅簲绛夎繘琛岀鐞嗐?瀹冧笌ERP銆佸垎閿?郴缁熴?缃戜笂璁㈠崟銆佺綉涓婃湇鍔$瓑鏈夌潃绱у瘑鐨勮仈绯汇?

According to the annual contract amount, staff size, the stability of business operations, customer word of mouth and other comprehensive evaluation, in 2006 China's customer relationship management software provider Top 10.

2006 China's management software industry's most promising companies in

According to the annual contract amount, staff size, stability operations, customer word of mouth and other comprehensive evaluation of business management software in China Top 100.

2006 the implementation of China's management software industry, business TOP 10

The implementation of the commercialization of mature package, that means the system is installed, operational and demand analysis, program Sheji, system configuration, Ercikaifa, Pei Xun Deng, Conger help users to its business in the package Zhong Yunzuo up.鎻愪緵杩欑鏈嶅姟鐨勪笓涓氭湇鍔″叕鍙革紝绉颁负绠$悊杞欢瀹炴柦鍟嗐?

鎹勾搴﹀悎鍚岄銆佷汉鍛樿妯°?浼佷笟缁忚惀鐨勭ǔ瀹氭?銆佸鎴峰彛纰戠瓑缁煎悎璇勪环锛?006 骞翠腑鍥界鐞嗚蒋

Pieces of implementation of the Top 10 ranked companies.

On business to Beijing

Business Information Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing can is a professional customer relationship management software and systems provider. The company has developed a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in CRM and business consultants, is the small and medium enterprises a leading provider of CRM software. CRM software market in China, MrCRM product market scored the highest, most advanced product features, the implementation of the most experienced, most of the leading brand advisory capacity.


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The world's major media on the views of Chrome OS

Google officially announced yesterday the development of external Chrome's PC-based operating system, the world's major media on Google Chrome OS expressed his views.


A web-based, or cloud-based operating system, will be drawing attention to the large number of users on the network.

This can easily run on the Internet, this is precisely the main battlefield Chrome OS. Google's point of view of standing snow and ice really smart to do so, it will make cloud computing to a new level.

The New York Times:

Google's new plan is based on Internet Computing Center operating system. Google believes the software can be distributed via the Internet, and play an increasingly important core role of alternative software that runs on the desktop.


With this (Chrome OS), Google apparently will be his own network applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs into the core user experience, this is Google released the motive of the operating system.


Internet has been the result of self-development and growth in the computing experience is that the operating system will be less and less importance. Towards a world based on cloud computing (Google is clearly one of the important elements), the previous operating system becomes worthless, we have no reason not to keep up this trend.

Search Engine Journal:

Only he can beat Microsoft Windows XP, if Windows 7 was successful. But Google Chrome OS is indeed one of Windows 7's competitors, like Google Chrome for the same in Microsoft IE.

The Register:

Many companies are dreaming to become an invasion of Microsoft's desktop operating system mower back garden, since Microsoft has no shortage of the establishment of a large number of companies have similar ideas, but they did not succeed because they do not have Google so strong physically or money support. Google has proved itself with the Android development of the capacity of handheld systems, and has successfully established a foothold in advance.

Wall Street Journal:

Google's invasion attracted more criticism operating system, including human rights / privacy organizations and those who complain that online search companies have too much control of consumer information competitors. But after Google entered a number of new areas of the market where he is still the little brother, just like mobile phone software and online applications. Some people also worry that it will leverage substantial growth in the search market share while also led to other new markets, use the search market was captured by the users in other markets to more users.

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The accounting date of establishment of a free report - 1.1. Understanding the function of several r

1. Understand the function of several relevant time

1.Cdate (date expression)

To date expressions into date types of data.

Date of expression is any expression can be interpreted as the date, including the date text string can be regarded as the date and the date of return from the function.

For example: myDate = CDate ("99-5-20"), the date of this expression must be double quotes, otherwise the result unpredictable.

CDate based system to determine the regional settings date format. If the provided date format is unrecognized setting, you can not correctly judge the year, month, day order.

2.Now ()

Returns the current computer system to set the date and time.

3.Year (date expression)

Returns the integer year.

For example: Year ("00-6-15") = 2000

4.Month (date expression)

Returns an integer between 1 to 12, said a month of the year.

For example: Month ("00-6-15") = 6

5.DateAdd (interval, number, date)

Returns a date, that date with a time interval. Can use DateAdd to calculate for the 30 days from today's date; or calculated from the current 45 minutes.

DataAdd function parameters

String expression, is to be added to the unit interval. number
Numerical expression, is to add the number of time intervals. Its value can be positive (a future date) or negative (by the last date). date
Date of expression, this date also added a time interval.

interval parameter settings
Help yyyy
In q
Quarter m
Y month
D the number of days a year
On w
The number of days a week ww
Zhou h
When n
Minute s

For example:
DateAdd ("d", 10, "2000-6-18") = 2000-06-28
DateAdd ("m", -1, "2000-6-18") = 2000-05-18

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Baidu CEO Robin Li: Baidu Union in 2009 divided into 700 million to the Webmaster

April 26 news, Baidu CEO Robin Li Baidu Union Congress today, said in 2009 Baidu Union to the owners of the sub-divided into 700 million yuan, Baidu has more than 30 million customers a day through the Baidu platform to promote their products and service.

Earlier, the former general manager of Baidu Union Cai Tiger Internet Conference in 2009 revealed that Baidu Union in 2008 to co-site is divided into up to 400 million yuan, which is divided into a number in 2009 to achieve high growth. Robin Li, Baidu Union, this position also means that owners share in 2009 compared to the emergence of substantial growth in 2008.

Chinese search engine Baidu by the end of April 2010, Baidu Union summit meeting. This is Google out of the Mainland market, Baidu Union held the first event. Artesyn Technologies to do live.

Baidu CEO Robin Li Following is a speech Record:

Robin Li: Members, partners, Good Morning! Welcome to the beautiful Jiuzhaigou, I came last night to this morning, I talked with some friends, in the course of conversation was the first time found that many people come to Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou is United States, very colorful, which seems to us as the Internet, very colorful, very interesting.

After 10 years of China's Internet development, many people may feel that settled, but the judge told me the judge is not the same, some may recall, in late 2008, when I have on many occasions speaking, I said China's Internet has just opened the curtain, meaning that good play is yet to come, in the past year or two we could only read half of the show, there will be more drama more exciting things to come.

China developed a number of successful Internet companies. If we look at the various sub-industry, the Internet, we will find the best over the past decade the development of these industries are basically associated with the user industries, text messaging or as a game Ye Hao, IM Ye Hao, in particular money products, essentially by the user money, but the Internet is not just for users, not just an entertainment tool, but also a lot of people to help the industry.

This is China's 400 million Internet users in most people know at this point is not clear. Million enterprises in China thousands of understanding on this point is not clear. Internet can help businesses? From 2008 financial crisis in the West first, and later led to the global economic crisis, so many entrepreneurs began to reflect, we reflect on the entire Chinese entrepreneurs in how to produce healthy rapid economic development.

We all know that China's GDP is mainly three parts: part investment, part of the export, some of it is domestic demand. In order to promote economic growth in recent years, in fact, a lot of money the national vote, but basically for investment, especially investment in infrastructure construction.

Many people are worried about the building so much infrastructure, such as steel, steel products is sold out, but to complete the construction of infrastructure, no steel, and how do these mills? So simple to invest in boosting the economy is more worrying, or is not the most healthy. Exports, with the rise of China's labor force, changes in various factors, in fact, is not a lot of economists at all levels of government are very willing to see the growth areas.

Last is the domestic demand in the field, and search industry is basically all stimulate domestic demand, Baidu is facing more than 30 million domestic customers, that is our economic contribution to the economy is domestic demand driven by all, and this It is China's most economically healthy growth. So I think the next five years or even 15 years of China's development, the development of the Internet for business to have too many opportunities, and in this search engine plays a very crucial and decisive role.

Search engine you are familiar with from the perspective of industry chain, ecological chain perspective, the most open search engine, Baidu is the most open of a system. We can see that Baidu inside this system, we have many, many stakeholders, we have hundreds of millions of users every day to use Baidu, we have more than 30 million customers a day through Baidu's platform to promote their products and services.

We also have our coalition partners, more than 30 million alliance partners, the website Ye Hao, software, Ye Hao, Baidu, through their advertising, and with these partners in revenue sharing, we had 4 million in 2008 Year, 2009 points of 7 million, the future will be more important to tens of million of our alliance partners.

Earlier, the Chinese several hundred thousand small and medium website owners, in fact, our stakeholders, most of them are from the external flow may be Baidu. These small sites we have less concern, because Baidu is also rapid development process, in the past our strength was not so, we focus on makes the product a day to do technical, often kept in some question, such as station long for my site was Baidu black, my site is a collection of 1000 yesterday, and why only 100 today, and why I came in the first few days ago, today came in the second pages.

Before we attend to, but Baidu, as a basic core of China's Internet applications, while Baidu is such a large share of the market, we feel that now has the responsibility to solve this problem step by step, allowing users the most convenient access to information, let owners, especially small and medium owners become more aware of how to deal with Baidu, how to get information faster and more equitable and effective presentation to the user.

From the beginning of 2008 when we began to think there is anything other than information, information other than there are applications, we may know Baidu Aladdin plans, and Baidu "box computing" concept, now we use Baidu search, Baidu will see the opening Platform words, if you go to search weather or calculator, will come into contact with Aladdin open platform, which means that applications can be submitted to the Baidu search system in years, the future people can not only access to information in Baidu, and also get more and more applications.

I said that applications like Apple's application store popular right now are different, the fundamental difference is that Baidu is open, that all of these applications submitted to Baidu, Baidu is not a specific to do, developers can open to all Internet applications can be submitted to any place. In this regard, the future we will also provide more support, more help to developers so that more information owners and providers, application owners and providers, program developers to make good use of this platform Baidu . Finally, I wish you the day in the future to conduct more exchanges, in the coming year to achieve greater cooperation among them.

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What is the ARP protocol? How to guard against ARP cheating Trojan?

What is ARP?

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol, Address Resolution Protocol) is the one in the TCP / IP protocol stack in the low-level protocol, responsible for IP address resolution into a corresponding MAC address.

What is ARP cheating?

00000000 from the smooth way affect the view of the network connection, ARP deception into two species, one is cheating the router ARP table; the other is the internal network of PC's gateway to deceive.

The first principle of ARP cheating is - the data intercepted by the gateway. It informs a series of wrong router MAC address within the network, and in accordance with a certain constant frequency, so that the real can not update the address information stored in the router, the results of all the data router can only send to the wrong MAC address, causing the normal PC can not receive the information. The second principle is that ARP deception - fake gateway. Its principle is to establish false gateway, so is it cheating gateway PC to send bogus data, rather than through the normal means of access routers. It seems the PC is unable to get online, "the network is down."

Recently, a new type of "ARP cheating" Trojan virus is spread campus network, has seriously affected the normal operation of the campus network. Infected with this Trojan computer trying to "ARP deception," where the means of interception of communications from other computers within the network information, and other computers within the network thus causing a breakdown in communications. ARP cheating Trojan toxicity as follows: use the campus network will suddenly dropped, after a period of time will return to normal. Example, client state frequently red, the user frequently broken network, IE browser, frequent errors, and some common software failure, etc.. If the campus network through the Internet authentication would suddenly be certified, but not the phenomenon of the Internet (can not ping through the gateway), reboot the machine or run under MS-DOS window after the command arp-d, but also to restore the Internet. ARP cheating is very rampant horse, harm is particularly large, the university campus, community networks, corporate networks and Internet cafes and other local area networks have suffered different degrees of disaster, bringing the network paralysis of the serious consequences of a large area. ARP cheating successfully infected with trojans just one computer, it could cause the entire LAN can not access, serious or even possible paralysis of the entire network. In addition to the Trojan attack will lead to other users within the same LAN Internet access appears intermittent phenomenon, but also to steal user passwords. Such as the theft of QQ passwords, steal passwords and account numbers of various online games to do money transactions, theft, online bank account to do illegal trade activities, this is horse's trick, to the user caused great inconvenience and huge economic loss.

How to check and deal with "ARP cheating" Trojan horse approach

1. Check the machine's "ARP deception," Trojan exposure process

On the keyboard while holding down the "CTRL" and "ALT" key then press "DEL" key, select "Task Manager", click on the "process" tab. This one is a called "MIR0.dat" process. If yes, description has been poisoned. Right click this process and select "End Process."

2. Check network infection "ARP cheating" Trojan Infected Computer

In the "Start" - "Programs" - "Accessories" menu down the "Command Prompt." Enter and execute the following command:


Record gateway IP address, that "Default Gateway" corresponds to the value of, for example, "". Enter and execute the following command:


In the "Internet Address" on the next step to find the gateway IP address of record, record the corresponding physical address, or "Physical Address" value, such as "00-01-e8-1f-35-54". This is normal in the network gateway correct physical address of the network by "ARP cheating" without affecting the normal horse, it is the Trojan physical address where the computer's network card.

Can also scan the entire IP address within the subnet, and then check ARP table. If there is a corresponding physical IP address and gateway the same, then the IP address and physical address of the computer's IP address is poisoning and physical address of network card.

3. Set ARP table to avoid the "ARP cheating" Trojan negative impact on

This method can reduce to some extent in the other computer Trojans the impact of the machine. Introduced the method used on top to determine the correct gateway IP address and gateway physical address, and then in the "Command Prompt" window, enter and execute the following command:

arp-s physical address of the gateway IP Gateway

4, dynamic ARP binding Gateway

Step 1:

To normal when the Internet into the MS-DOS window, type the command: arp-a, view the IP gateway corresponding MAC address correct and it is recorded.

NOTE: If you have no Internet access, you start to run a command arp arp-d to delete the contents of the cache space, the computer can temporarily restore the Internet (attack if you do not stop it). Once you can access the network immediately broken (disable network card or unplug the network cable), then run the arp-a.

Step 2:

If the computer has the correct gateway MAC address, the Internet simply can not manually correct the gateway IP and MAC address binding, you can ensure that the computer no longer be deceived attack.

To hand-bound, can be run under MS-DOS window the following command:

arp-s IP Gateway Gateway MAC

For example: if the computer segment in which gateway is, the machine address of, the computer after running arp-a output is as follows:

Cocuments and Settings> arp-a

Interface: --- 0x2

Internet Address Physical Address Type dynamic

One ,00-01-02-03-04-05 is the gateway corresponding MAC address, type dynamic (dynamic), and therefore can be changed.

After the attack, then the command view, you will find that the MAC has been replaced by attacks on the machine MAC. If you want to find the attack machine, the complete eradication of attacks, the MAC can be recorded at this time, look for the future preparation of the attack machine.

Hand-bound command is:


Binding complete, reusable arp-a view arp cache:

Cocuments and Settings> arp-a

Interface: --- 0x2

Internet Address Physical Address Type static

Then, type into a static (static), the impact will not be further attacks.

However, a description is bound by hand after the restart the computer will shutdown failure, need to bind again. Therefore, to eradicate attacks, only to find the virus infected the computer network segment, to kill the virus, which is the real problem.

5. Make a batch file

The client to do on the gateway arp binding, specific steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Find Ben Wang segment gateway address, such as, the following example in this gateway. In the normal Internet, the "Start 鈫?Run 鈫?cmd 鈫?OK", enter: arp-a, point enter, view the gateway corresponding Physical Address.

For example: gateway corresponds to 00-01-02-03-04-05.

Step 2:

Write a batch file rarp.bat, reads as follows:

@ Echo off



Save: rarp.bat.

Step 3:

This batch file will run the batch file to "Windows 鈫?Start 鈫?Programs 鈫?start", if you need immediate effect, run the file.

Note: The above configuration requires the network to conduct normal

6. To use security tools

Download Anti ARP Sniffer software in a timely manner to protect the local computer running. Specific use in online search.

If you already have the MAC address of the computer viruses, such software can be used to identify network segment NBTSCAN with the MAC address corresponding to IP, which infected computers IP address, and then report to their units were sealed hub.

Or use the unit to provide centralized network anti-virus systems to unified killing Trojans. Trojans can also be used to kill off killing other security tools.

7. Emergency plan

Managers use network management described above ARP Trojan detection methods found in the LAN switch ports infected with the virus after the virus immediately shut down the port, the port identified by the corresponding user and inform the complete killing virus. Then, do a good job against stand-alone, completely killing the virus before its opening the corresponding switch port, re-open Internet.

Tsinghua University Campus Network Security Response Team, a small program


Tsinghua University Campus Network Security Response Team, a small program that can protect your computer in the same internal LAN computer Trojan ARP cheating attack, maintaining a normal Internet access. Specific use:

1, Please select the card after the program runs, select the network card and click "select" button.

2, the selected card after the program automatically obtain a gateway address of your machine.

3, access to the gateway address for MAC address, click the button to obtain the correct MAC address of the gateway.

4, confirm that the gateway MAC address, please click the link protection, the program to start protecting your machine.

5, click on the upper right corner of the fork process, the program automatically hide the system tray.

6, to completely exit the program in your system tray in the right-click the program icon choose EXIT.


1, this procedure is only a ARP attack protection program, that Trojan horse attack by ARP to maintain the computer's MAC address is not their own malicious tampering, and thus the network will not be interrupted during the attack. This procedure does not clear the ARP have been infected with the Trojan, to prevent infection or death than genuine horse you install anti-virus software!

Anti Arp Sniffer usage


Double-click Antiarp file dialog box appears as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Enter the gateway address (the gateway address access method: [Start] -> [Programs] -> [Accessories] menu down the "Command Prompt", type ipconfig, which shall be the gateway address Default Gateway); Click for the gateway MAC address, click Auto-Protect to ensure the current card and gateway communication is not a third party monitor.

Click Restore Default, and then click to prevent address conflicts such as IP address conflicts occur frequently, indicating frequent attacker to send ARP packets to deceive.

Right-click [My Computer ]-->[ Management] -> click [Event Viewer] -> Click [System] -> view source [TcpIP ]---> double-click events can see the display address conflicts, and record the MAC address, please copy the MAC address and fill in the Anti ARP Sniffer local MAC address input box (Please note: converted to -), input is complete click [Protective address conflicts ], in order to disable the MAC address of entry into force of the local network card and then enable the network card, the CMD command line, type Ipconfig / all, see the current MAC address is MAC address with the local MAC address input box in line, if successful, will no longer be displayed address conflict.

Note: 1, if you want to restore the default MAC address, click [Restore Defaults], in order to disable the MAC address of entry into force of the local network card and then enable the network card; this software does not support multiple network cards, some cards may change the MAC will be invalid.


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