Monday, September 27, 2010

The world's major media on the views of Chrome OS

Google officially announced yesterday the development of external Chrome's PC-based operating system, the world's major media on Google Chrome OS expressed his views.


A web-based, or cloud-based operating system, will be drawing attention to the large number of users on the network.

This can easily run on the Internet, this is precisely the main battlefield Chrome OS. Google's point of view of standing snow and ice really smart to do so, it will make cloud computing to a new level.

The New York Times:

Google's new plan is based on Internet Computing Center operating system. Google believes the software can be distributed via the Internet, and play an increasingly important core role of alternative software that runs on the desktop.


With this (Chrome OS), Google apparently will be his own network applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs into the core user experience, this is Google released the motive of the operating system.


Internet has been the result of self-development and growth in the computing experience is that the operating system will be less and less importance. Towards a world based on cloud computing (Google is clearly one of the important elements), the previous operating system becomes worthless, we have no reason not to keep up this trend.

Search Engine Journal:

Only he can beat Microsoft Windows XP, if Windows 7 was successful. But Google Chrome OS is indeed one of Windows 7's competitors, like Google Chrome for the same in Microsoft IE.

The Register:

Many companies are dreaming to become an invasion of Microsoft's desktop operating system mower back garden, since Microsoft has no shortage of the establishment of a large number of companies have similar ideas, but they did not succeed because they do not have Google so strong physically or money support. Google has proved itself with the Android development of the capacity of handheld systems, and has successfully established a foothold in advance.

Wall Street Journal:

Google's invasion attracted more criticism operating system, including human rights / privacy organizations and those who complain that online search companies have too much control of consumer information competitors. But after Google entered a number of new areas of the market where he is still the little brother, just like mobile phone software and online applications. Some people also worry that it will leverage substantial growth in the search market share while also led to other new markets, use the search market was captured by the users in other markets to more users.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The accounting date of establishment of a free report - 1.1. Understanding the function of several r

1. Understand the function of several relevant time

1.Cdate (date expression)

To date expressions into date types of data.

Date of expression is any expression can be interpreted as the date, including the date text string can be regarded as the date and the date of return from the function.

For example: myDate = CDate ("99-5-20"), the date of this expression must be double quotes, otherwise the result unpredictable.

CDate based system to determine the regional settings date format. If the provided date format is unrecognized setting, you can not correctly judge the year, month, day order.

2.Now ()

Returns the current computer system to set the date and time.

3.Year (date expression)

Returns the integer year.

For example: Year ("00-6-15") = 2000

4.Month (date expression)

Returns an integer between 1 to 12, said a month of the year.

For example: Month ("00-6-15") = 6

5.DateAdd (interval, number, date)

Returns a date, that date with a time interval. Can use DateAdd to calculate for the 30 days from today's date; or calculated from the current 45 minutes.

DataAdd function parameters

String expression, is to be added to the unit interval. number
Numerical expression, is to add the number of time intervals. Its value can be positive (a future date) or negative (by the last date). date
Date of expression, this date also added a time interval.

interval parameter settings
Help yyyy
In q
Quarter m
Y month
D the number of days a year
On w
The number of days a week ww
Zhou h
When n
Minute s

For example:
DateAdd ("d", 10, "2000-6-18") = 2000-06-28
DateAdd ("m", -1, "2000-6-18") = 2000-05-18

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