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The accounting date of establishment of a free report - 1.1. Understanding the function of several r

1. Understand the function of several relevant time

1.Cdate (date expression)

To date expressions into date types of data.

Date of expression is any expression can be interpreted as the date, including the date text string can be regarded as the date and the date of return from the function.

For example: myDate = CDate ("99-5-20"), the date of this expression must be double quotes, otherwise the result unpredictable.

CDate based system to determine the regional settings date format. If the provided date format is unrecognized setting, you can not correctly judge the year, month, day order.

2.Now ()

Returns the current computer system to set the date and time.

3.Year (date expression)

Returns the integer year.

For example: Year ("00-6-15") = 2000

4.Month (date expression)

Returns an integer between 1 to 12, said a month of the year.

For example: Month ("00-6-15") = 6

5.DateAdd (interval, number, date)

Returns a date, that date with a time interval. Can use DateAdd to calculate for the 30 days from today's date; or calculated from the current 45 minutes.

DataAdd function parameters

String expression, is to be added to the unit interval. number
Numerical expression, is to add the number of time intervals. Its value can be positive (a future date) or negative (by the last date). date
Date of expression, this date also added a time interval.

interval parameter settings
Help yyyy
In q
Quarter m
Y month
D the number of days a year
On w
The number of days a week ww
Zhou h
When n
Minute s

For example:
DateAdd ("d", 10, "2000-6-18") = 2000-06-28
DateAdd ("m", -1, "2000-6-18") = 2000-05-18

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