Friday, March 11, 2011

MP4 standard expected by the end of line introduced to avoid repeating the mistakes MP3

Due to lack of industry-standard, MP3 is experiencing cold

Yesterday, the French Archos ZHANG Ya-ling, director of Asia accept the "Daily Economic News" interview, said, "is currently being discussed with the Ministry of Information Industry and other departments to formulate an industry standard MP4, MP3 to avoid repeating the disastrous domestic MP4. MP4 industry standard is expected to introduce before the end. "MP4 French Archos is the founder of the industry, only three years to hit Europe and the United States market, and two years ago to enter the domestic market.

ZHANG Ya-ling said the MP3 reason why the domestic industry as a whole experience "cold" because MP3 does not have a unified industry standard, plus access to MP3's technology low, causing many unlicensed vendors with some cheap, low quality products confuse the market.

The investigation agency show that China MP4 industry has been getting better, into the development of the fast lane, this MP4 to reach 300% market growth, industrial cake approaching 10 million. MP4 of the market the next few years is expected to reach 10 billion yuan, This is the MP3, digital camera, digital camera consumer digital products after the 4th largest consumer hot spot.

This cake has attracted huge industry Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp and Samsung, some domestic manufacturers such as Tsinghua Unisplendour Strength, Little Swan, Changhong and other actions have been made. The face of the raging market entrants, ZHANG Ya-ling said, "We welcome competition, a manufacturer can not monopolize an industry, but in the current MP4 market, more powerful brands to join, would better promote a mature industry . "

ZHANG Ya-ling that, MP4 is not a lucrative industry, in its course of development, manufacturers and channels need to ensure a reasonable profit, I hope there are some good standard to ensure that competition is healthy.

MP4 is able to replace a major crisis facing the MP3 into the mainstream of consumer electronics products? ZHANG Ya-ling said that as the technology lead to expensive high threshold, MP4 in the country not as popular as the MP3 now.

But with the iPod video player as well as over 2000 songs, Pixar films and Disney TV series and the introduction of the Apple online store, Apple has begun to enter the field of free video. Archos how to face competition from iPod? ZHANG Ya-ling said, Archos will integrate TV resources, prepared to launch free to download TV shows to MP4 Pocket cinema services, these services are mainly concentrated in the channel can interact with inside.

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